The EDGE® Estimator’s roofing estimating software was designed by experienced roofing professionals who know the industry – build a complete roofing estimate accurately and efficiently.

It’s the only software for commercial roofing companies that provides an end-to-end automated solution for both takeoff and estimating.


Our Roofing Add-On Modules Give You the Edge

Our industry-leading features for takeoff and estimating make our software one of the best roofing systems available. And with our add-on modules, you can expand your roofing capabilities to other scopes of work:

Tapered Insulation_Icon

The EDGE Tapered Insulation Roofing Module

No need to calculate by hand or wait for the supplier to provide a material list — you can prepare estimates faster with more accuracy.


The EDGE Standing Seam Modules

Get a complete picture of the roofing materials you’ll need, including a cut list for the field.


The EDGE Wall Panels Module

Get a complete account of production costs and materials determined for the field items, the system and the shop for both supplying and pricing purposes.


The EDGE Poured Deck Module

No need to provide the supplier with a material list or layout drawing — all of the math will be completed automatically, resulting in a full listing of all boards and concrete required to complete the job.


The EDGE Waterproofing Module

Calculate a complete tally of materials and production costs based upon the system and the field items for stocking the job from extensive waterproofing-specific databases.

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