EDGE On Site New Daily Production Screen

EDGE On Site version 1.6.2 includes a newly designed and performance optimized Daily Production screen. This article covers the new design and how it works compared to the previous interface.

Accessing the Daily Production screen

The Daily Production screen still appears only when marked production stored locally on an iPad device has not yet been uploaded to the cloud. After marking production, users still tap the hamburger icon in the upper-left corner and select “Daily Production” from the expanded menu.

What’s new: Views

The Daily Production screen now has two view options: Grid View and List View. Two icons in the upper-right corner of the screen represent each view.

Grid View (left) and List View (right).

The Daily Production screen defaults to Grid View. See below for an example of Grid View.

Grid View is a high-level and simple view that groups the stored production data by section and page. Each page displays a thumbnail preview of the background image, the description, and a timestamp of the last time production was marked and saved on that page.

To change to List View, simply tap on the icon. See below for an example.

List View can also be used as a high-level and simple view, but also allows the option to view the production in more detail. Like Grid View, the stored production data is grouped by section and page, but here users can tap the expand details icon to the left of a page name to view all labor items marked on that page.

In this more detailed view, the following information is available for each labor item:

  • Source condition
  • Description
  • Unit of measure
  • Quantity marked vs the total estimated quantity of that labor item within its source condition.

To close this detailed view, simply tap the collapse detail icon.

Each time the Daily Production screen is closed, it saves the currently selected view. The next time the Daily Production screen is opened, it defaults to that view.

What’s New: Uploading Daily Production

Users now have the option to upload production for individual pages one at a time. In both views, an [Upload Production] button is available for each listed page.

Tapping that button causes the upload to begin for that page. To reflect this, the [Upload Production] button transforms into a status bar to show the progress of the upload.

“Upload Complete” appears once complete.

Users can tap [Upload Production] on another page to add it next in the queue, meaning it automatically begins uploading alongside other pages. A status bar for each individual page appears, as well as an overall status bar that averages the status of all pages with production being uploaded.

To remove that page from the upload queue, tap the [Remove from queue] button available automatically after the [Upload Production] button is selected.

Note: Once [Upload Production] is tapped and the status bar appears, the upload is in progress and there is no way to cancel. The time between selecting [Upload Production] and the appearance of the status bar depends on how much production data is included within that page. Therefore, for very small uploads, tapping [Remove from queue] may not cancel quickly enough. Be sure to confirm the action before selecting the button.

Users can also initiate and upload all pages in a job at once by selecting the [Upload Production] button in the top toolbar.

Users are unable to use the back button to leave the Daily Production screen until all pending uploads are complete.

Once all production uploads, the “Upload successful” pop-up appears, and the Daily Production screen automatically closes.

For any questions on this new functionality, please reach out to support@estimatingedge.com or give us a call at (844) 334-3378 x3.

Thank you,

-The Estimating Edge Team