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One of the most important aspects to obtaining long-term success in the roofing industry involves estimating. Accurate, cost-effective estimates are often the difference between winning and losing a bid. Roofing estimating software is a helpful tool that saves time and money while providing extremely accurate estimates. In this article, we’ll provide an overview explaining what roofing estimating software is and how it can help you streamline your business.

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What is Roofing Estimating, and Why Does It Matter?

Roofing estimating is the determination of all expected costs associated with a roofing project. These costs are commonly divided into direct costs and indirect costs. Direct costs are closely correlated with a specific project, such as labor and materials, whereas indirect costs involve a larger scope, such as a company-wide permit.

Direct and indirect costs must be categorized correctly, and then added together to get the expected total cost of a project — also known as an estimate. The estimate is an important step when trying to win a project bid because it outlines costs associated with your services to the property owner.

A timely, accurate, cost-effective bid can set you apart from your competition. It can also help you see where your operations are doing well and if there’s room for improvement to increase your profitability.

Estimating can be a challenging, time-consuming process. There are many considerations when creating an estimate, and compiling the information manually can be taxing. However, the right roofing estimating software can simplify the process.

What is Roofing Estimating Software?

Roofing estimating software provides estimators with the tools to accurately measure and digitally store estimates. These tools should include a material database specific to the roofing industry, the ability to edit and update estimate information and perform job-specific measurements. Overall, the goal of roofing estimating software is to make estimating more efficient so you can win more profitable bids.

How Do You Use Roofing Estimating Software?

The right roofing estimating software should create an easier estimating process. For example, in some software, roofers can upload their project plans, create a takeoff, make modifications and fully control their estimate from the beginning of the project through its execution. The software also stores your estimate and takeoff data, allowing you and your team to review past projects to reassess what went well and areas of improvement.

Here’s a more comprehensive overview of how roofing estimating software is used:

Creating Takeoff

More robust estimating software comes with built-in takeoff where users can upload blueprints into the system to get accurate measurements of the structure. Then, the software automatically calculates material quantities before adding material pricing based on your preferred suppliers, popular distributors costs and a variety of other factors.

Determining Labor Costs

Once you have an accurate takeoff, you can assess your labor requirements for the job. Every cost associated with workers, such as wages, overtime and insurance, needs to be factored into the estimate. The software can help you calculate and store these costs for future reference.

Additionally, some roofing estimating software integrates with accounting software. This means changes made to your estimate are also reflected in your job costing data without having to manually update any files. This means an estimator and their office staff are on the same page throughout the project.

Compiling Reports and Submitting Your Bid

Roofing estimating software can create accurate reports based on potential material and labor costs. These reports can be reviewed by your team to see if there are more efficient means to complete the project. After you and your team optimize your strategy, you can submit these reports alongside your bid to give the property owner a clearer picture of your estimate.

Finalizing Your Estimate

Once you’ve won the bid and the project begins, it is likely that changes will occur. Roofing estimating software can track and manage those changes and make sure they are visible to other members of your team plus the client. As you iron out immediate changes, the roofing estimating software can be used to create a final estimate to keep your operations on time and within budget.

What Are the Benefits of Using Roofing Estimating Software?

There are several advantages to using roofing estimating software, including:

1. Faster, More Accurate Estimates.

Roofing estimating software is significantly faster than trying to complete an estimate manually. This software saves you time during the estimating process and allows you to create a more precise project budget. This not only helps you determine profitability for a specific project, but also gives you data to use when creating future bids. The efficiency and accuracy of this software means you and your team can increase your volume of bidding and increase your profits.

2. All-in-one Estimating and Takeoff Capabilities.

Estimating and takeoff are directly linked processes that can determine a project’s profitability. Without accurate takeoff, a roofing company could order too many or too few materials and hire too many or too few workers. This could throw the entire project timeline and budget into chaos, drastically reducing profitability.

An all-in-one estimating and takeoff software means that material measurements and costs can be directly imported into an estimate inside the same software— eliminating errors caused by manual data entry. It also provides added visibility as you manage your project.

3. Enhance Change Order Management

Roofing estimating software provides an easy to navigate central hub for all estimating and takeoff information. Changes and updates to an estimate will be visible to applicable staff and they can adjust their approach to a project accordingly.

4. Establish and Sustain Scope

With so many considerations, it’s easy to lose sight of the project’s scope. Roofing estimating software tracks minute details throughout the project, providing peace of mind for roofers when it comes to specifics, such as inspection fees and change orders.

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How Do You Select Roofing Estimating Software?

Before selecting roofing estimating software, compile a list of must-have features, then research several options and schedule demonstrations. In addition to features, ask questions about each software’s integration capabilities and customer service. Your decision should come down to which software fulfills your needs and has ongoing customer support. For a full breakdown of considerations, click here.

The EDGE® is one of the only estimating and takeoff software that’s made specifically for roofers. The software features multiple bid options, change orders and a trade-specific material database. Additionally, our expert team can answer any of your questions and help you make the right decision for your operations.