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Excel vs The EDGE®

Why choose The EDGE® software over Microsoft® Excel®? Are your spreadsheets complex, with multiple worksheets and cells referring back to other sheets? Are your estimates consistent between estimators or bids? Is it easy for you to review your bids? How do you make sure you are not overbidding or underbidding?



The EDGE® Literature

The EDGE® Estimator

Designed by experienced construction industry professionals, The EDGE® is the most effective takeoff to estimate solution in the industry.




The EDGE Construction Cloud Literature

The EDGE Construction Cloud stores all your bids and shared data in the cloud, giving your team real-time collaboration.

The EDGE Construction Cloud

The next generation of The EDGE Estimator, called The EDGE Construction Cloud stores all your bids and shared data in the cloud, giving your team real-time collaboration.



EDGE On Site® Literature


EDGE On Site®

A construction jobsite project management app, EDGE On Site® takes your estimates to the field, allowing your team to track progress and correct overruns as they occur.


Trade-Specific Literature

The EDGE – Commercial Drywall Subcontractors

The EDGE is customized to your operation, with databases containing the suppliers and manufacturers you already use.


The EDGE – Commercial Roofers

You won’t believe how quick it is, or how accurately The EDGE roofing software can track every item making Takeoff a breeze.


The EDGE – Commercial Acoustical Subcontractors

The EDGE lets you perform takeoff in incremental areas and with incremental wall angles. And this software is smart. Real smart.


The EDGE – Commercial EIFS Subcontractors

Our software was designed specifically for EIFS professionals by tradesmen who have worked in the industry.


The EDGE – Wall Panel Subcontractor

We built The EDGE to accommodate wall panel-specific details for the most accurate estimating in the industry.


The EDGE – Commercial Painters

Whether you do your calculations in lineal feet, square feet, or by unit, The EDGE maximizes your bidding potential.


The EDGE – Fireproofing Subcontractors

Helping you save you time and money, more fireproofers in the U.S. use The EDGE than any other solution!


The EDGE – Commercial Acoustical, Drywall and Wall Panel Subcontractors

Why choose The EDGE if you are a subcontractor who installs acoustical, drywall and wall panels.


The EDGE – Commercial Waterproofing

Measure every detail from concrete walls, control joints, ventilation pipes and areas of waterproofing needed.


Training at Estimating Edge

Our goal is to help get you up and running as quickly as possible. That’s why Estimating Edge has multiple options for training. Whether it’s In-House, On-Site or the Internet, we’ve got you covered.

The EDGE Estimator

EDGE On Site