Roofing Estimating & Takeoff Software

The EDGE® is the only software for commercial roofing companies that provides an end-to-end automated solution for both takeoff and estimating.


The EDGE® Estimator Roofing Software Features


The EDGE’s industry-leading roofing functionalities are built for commercial roofing jobs of any size and scope. Some key features include:

  • Measure, count and price quantities on one screen
  • The ability to measure tapered insulation and standing seam metal roofing
  • Calculations for fastener lengths
  • Customized pricing for local trade rates for accurate roofing bids
  • Complex calculations for materials and labor costs in real time

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The EDGE® takeoff and estimating software

Designed for Roofing Contractors by Fellow Roofers

The EDGE was built by experienced roofing professionals, and it shows. Not only is it remarkably intuitive, but it includes extensive databases of roofing-specific systems from manufacturers such as Firestone, Johns Manville, Tamko, Versico, Soprema, GAF, Carlisle, Siplast, Duro-Last and many more.

The EDGE is also loaded with commercial roofing-specific conditions, allowing you to select a roofing system, choose the parts list, and automatically calculate accurate measurements and all material costs while you perform a takeoff. Pairing these trade-specific databases with digital takeoff and estimating means roofers can expect faster turnaround times while building precise bids.

The EDGE’s Roof Measurement Tools

The EDGE offers several tools to measure roofs, including a Standing Seam Roofing Module, Tapered Insulation Roofing Module and the Poured Deck Module. Each of these tools is designed to improve efficiency by providing automated, precise material calculations.

Standing Seam Roofing Module

Get a complete picture of the roof materials you’ll need plus a cut list for the field! With The EDGE Standing Seam modules, you can prepare estimates faster with more accuracy.

The EDGE®-takeoff-and-estimating-software-for-drywall-contractors

Tapered Insulation Roofing Module

No need to calculate by hand or wait for the supplier to provide a material list. Plus, get accurate fastener counts! With The EDGE Tapered Insulation Modules, you can prepare estimates faster with more accuracy.

Poured Deck Module

Measure lightweight concrete systems in-house! No need to send out to a supplier to provide a material list and/or layout drawing. Simply draw the roof area drains and/or scuppers, indicate the slope direction and all of the math will be completed automatically, resulting in a full listing of all boards and concrete required to complete the job.


Analytics and Reporting
Insight is there whenever you need it. Access to key analytics and reporting are always at your fingertips, giving you the tools you need to make more informed decisions.

Best Customer Service
Expect the industry’s absolute best customer service from sales, support, and training staff who have actual experience in your trade. Count on us as part of your team.

Cloud Based
Your estimates and data will safely and securely reside in the cloud, allowing both estimators and their teams to work together even when you can’t get together.

Estimating EDGE trades

Industry-Leading Features
Dedicated to innovation and streamlining the estimating process, The EDGE is the only solution that offers cutting-edge features like Smart Labor®, and the ability to automatically update an entire project with a click of the mouse.

Trade-Specific Solutions
The EDGE is completely customized to your trade, and is intelligent enough to use the same language, manufacturers, and measurements that you use in your business.

One-on-One Training
Our estimating software is intuitive, but we offer hands-on training and awesome tech support to ensure your business is able to get the most out of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Roofing Software?

Roofing software is a means of digitally measuring and calculating crucial aspects of roofing projects to build accurate roof estimates. Some roofing software — like The EDGE — offer several reporting tools to increase visibility while building better bids.

What is the Best Roofing Estimating Software?

To determine the best software for your operations you must weigh the roofing features that you deem most important and research options. There are several roofing software available. However, if you need both roof estimating and takeoff in one software The EDGE could be a good option.

How Do You Estimate a Roofing Project?

Creating a roofing estimate involves measuring the area of the roof to determine the material quantities required. From there, the roofing contractor takes this information and categorizes it into direct costs and indirect costs and adds them together to get the total estimate of completing the roofing project.

With The EDGE, commercial roofers can access roofing conditions to create estimates specific to their jobs.

What Software is Used to Calculate Roof Square Footage?

Most roofing software can calculate a roof’s square footage. It’s important to do research, ask questions and schedule demos to determine which features best suit your roofing business. If you’re looking for an all-in-one estimating software, The EDGE takeoff and estimating software offers a range of roofing measurement tools so roofing contractors can stay true to their blueprints.

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