Boynton Beach, FL | October 15, 2020 – Estimating Edge, a trusted provider of professional estimating and takeoff software, announced the specialty trade – project management software.

If you are a specialty trade contractor (subcontractor) or self-perform GC, you know that the leading construction project management software solutions available are not built for you. There are some great tools out there for general contractors and owners, but what about the guys that get their hands dirty.

As a specialty trade contractor, you need a solution built for you. EDGE On Site seamlessly takes your estimate and takeoff to the field, allowing your Foreman or Project Managers to track production, construction scheduling, and correct cost overruns as they occur. The easy-to-use Jobsite management app runs on an Apple® iPad®, connecting the estimate, drawings, and change orders with virtually no data entry.

Tracking production can be time-consuming, and your Foreman or Project Manager already has plenty to keep them busy. Especially when the real value is in tracking against the actual estimate, takeoff, and change orders. EDGE On Site tracks the installed labor and materials compared to your estimate. Instantly know current project costs and where you will finish as it relates to your construction planning.

The real power is in how easy it is to use. Rather than require a Foreman to enter data, he merely has to select individual takeoff assemblies as they are completed. And then use EDGE On Time, to track hours against what’s been built for that day, week, or month. This allows for real-time construction progress tracking and reporting and allows Project Managers to drill down into scheduling, cost codes, unit rates, time, and more to analyze performance in detail.

Quickly see how EDGE On Site changes your daily conversations from “Where are we?” to knowing exactly what has been missed or if things aren’t adding up. It’s never been easier to stay on schedule and on budget. EDGE On Site makes it extremely easy to project job profitability. That’s because it allows users to access all original documents used to create the estimate and see how they break out. That means you don’t have to give rough estimates because you have the confidence that comes with having real data in the palm of your hand.

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