The EDGE Estimator v12, Common Conditions

Common Conditions is a brand-new feature for version 12 that dramatically speeds up the takeoff process. Typically used by interior subcontractors when there are multiple repeating elements (e.g., wall and height).

Real-life example: wall height and length. A wall is repeated on floors 2–7; measure the wall on floor, let’s say 2, and then click once on other pages to repeat that wall on floors 2–7.

A true timesaver, we will show you how to define a repeating section in the takeoff screen (condition), save that area and then use it on different pages. We will cover:

  • How to add the conditions to become a common condition.
  • How to place these common conditions on the takeoff screen.
  • Tips and tricks to utilize common conditions.

Event Details

Date: 3/18/2020
Version: 12
Trade: Interior (Acoustical, Drywall)
Presenter: Joe Pettit