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a Great Start With Vendor Quote From The EDGE®️ Estimator

The EDGE®️ Estimator is the professional’s choice for all-in-one commercial construction takeoff and estimating software.

Vendor Quote allow users to request pricing from their favorite vendors and distributors through a secure electronic request portal. Once you receive your quote, the updated prices can be imported directly into the bid, eliminating manual entry.

  • Streamline your requests: request your quote in the EDGE and receive your quote in the EDGE
  • Save time: eliminate hours of administrative work by taking away the endless back-and-forth of chasing quotes
  • Quote comparison: enjoy side-by-side quote comparison as you work to find the best price
  • Access old quotes: quotes are saved in the cloud, and can be easily accessed at any time after the estimate is complete

Vendor Quote is here to help with:

  • Acoustical

  • Drywall

  • EIFS

  • Fireproofing

  • Flooring

  • Painting

  • Roofing

  • Wall Panels

  • Waterproofing
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The Most Complete Estimating Solution for Your Trade

Professional-grade takeoff and cost estimating in one easy-to-use software package, The EDGE® is here to help you bid with confidence.

With EDGE, users can complete a takeoff with precise measurements from project blueprints simply by clicking the screen with their mouse. And because we offer in-depth manufacturer databases, The EDGE will update your material and labor costs immediately, while also checking for costly errors.

Designed by experienced construction industry professionals, The EDGE is the most effective takeoff to estimate solution in the industry. Not only is The EDGE completely customized to your trade, but it’s also customized to your business, so your takeoff sources match the exact materials and manufacturers that your business utilizes.

Builder Built. Pro Preferred.®

The EDGE® construction estimating software enables commercial subcontractors to prepare estimates with accuracy, efficiency and consistency.

  • Comprehensive & trade-specific material database
  • Smart Labor® technology auto-calculates production changes using preset values
  • Audit trails & changes
  • Instant, real-time updates of materials and labor as you are performing your takeoff
  • Multiple bid options & change orders
  • Smart edits consistently apply changes throughout an estimate
  • Custom cloud reporting to meet project demands
  • Integration with accounting and project management systems

Customers Love The EDGE

  • The EDGE is an incredible tool that every commercial roofing company should be using, and if they’re not, they’re losing money.
    Carl Morse
    Estimator and Project Manager, Yorkshire Federal, Inc.
  • Even with other companies coming along trying to entice us to use their programs, we are so satisfied and invested with The EDGE that we have stayed with it for so long.
    Pat Fortliti
    Estimating Vice President, Olympic Companies
  • Companies need to take a look at The EDGE because it is a very comprehensive system with an excellent database. There really aren’t any other programs out there that are as comprehensive as The EDGE.
    Joe Colavita
    Chief Fireproofing Estimator, Martin Brothers
  • I’m surprised that everyone is not using The EDGE. It is the single best piece of equipment that we use in this business.
    Dale Gillis
    Owner and Estimator, Carolina Commercial Roofing Co.
  • “Companies need to take a look at The EDGE because it is a very comprehensive system with an excellent database. There really aren’t any other programs out there that are as comprehensive as The EDGE.”
    Joe Colavita
    Chief Estimator, Martin Brothers
  • “The EDGE is an incredible tool that every commercial roofing company should be using and if they’re not, they’re losing money.”
    Carl Morse
    Estimator and Project Manager at Yorkshire Federal
  • “This is the future of tracking jobsite production! We were tracking with paper Microsoft® Excel® but with EDGE On Site we get real-time updates. The project manager and foreman love being able to access the plan details and see the job progress from the overview screen. This app simplifies communication.”
    EDGE On Site User
    Project Manager
  • “Using EDGE On Site has allowed us to replace the field teams' detail book. It not only increases the production accuracy but it’s an excellent way to communicate with our field crew. And because of EDGE On Site we’ve been able to alleviate the need for daily production meetings. Remarkable App!”
    EDGE On Site User
    Project Manager
  • Compared to other options this job site project management app allows us to be accurate and investigate issues quickly! Before we could only give rough estimates, but with EDGE On Site, we can be precise with the production schedule. While you are in the field, you can quickly investigate issues that have been missed or don’t add up by viewing how the estimator specified the pages, types and codes, materials, etc. This app saves so much time and is extremely accurate!”
    EDGE On Site User
    Project Manager
  • Now I Can Get Ahead of Job Site Issues. Since I rarely go to the job site, unless something went terribly wrong, I can see where EDGE On Site changes the daily conversation of where are we on each project.”
    Drywall Subcontractor
  • “I think the Webinar's are great! You all to a great job in presenting them and it is easier to grasp the intention that you are trying to convey. I do like it when I can go back and see them again to refresh myself with them. Keep up the great job!”
    FL Crane & Sons
    Mike Crane
  • “The creators and architects of The EDGE were designed by people who know what they’re doing; they have been studying nothing but construction estimating for decades and are, without question, experts on how to estimate construction work. They are taking their expertise and the best practices from the best, most progressive contractors out there.”
    John Maxwell
    President | Maxwell Roofing and Sheet Metal

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