6-Steps of an Interior Estimate, v12

There are six basic steps required to create an interior estimate in The EDGE. Each of these steps will be completed using one of eight main screens, while all of the other screens are tied to one of these original eight. Following is a brief explanation of each of these eight main screens.

Scenarios: Each estimate will have at least one Scenario that is automatically created by default and labeled as Scenario. Additional Scenarios can be created later for things like Alternates or Change Orders.

Sections: Each Scenario will have at least one Section that is created by default and labeled as Section. Additional Sections can be added later to separate an estimate into multiple Sections as needed.

Pages: Each Page should represent a Page of the blueprint. Pages are not created by default, so you will need to create each one as needed.

Conditions: Each new steel type (Walls, Soffits, Ceilings, etc.) will be entered as an individual Condition from your Group Database.

Drawing: The Drawing Screen is where you will do your takeoff for the estimate. Each condition will be measured and displayed with a unique color and pattern.

Pricing: The Pricing Screen is where you will see all of your materials calculated for a job and adjust their prices.

Labor: The Labor Screen will list each labor item and the corresponding measurement. You will have the ability to adjust production rates, labor rates, etc., here as well.

Recap: The Recap Screen brings the estimate together for a final recap. This is also where you may enter or adjust any markups needed for things such as profit, burden, overhead, etc.



STEP ONE: Set up the job

    • Click the New button in the upper left corner of the menu bar. Give your job a name and click Save.
    • You will then be in the Job Properties window. Fill out any information you need for the job and click OK.
    • Click on the Images icon and select the drawings you want to upload.
    • Click on the Create Pages icon and select the drawings you need to measure. Then click OK.
    • Click the Insert button in the upper left of the menu bar. Choose the conditions needed for the job.

STEP TWO: Measure the job

    • Choose your first condition and then click on the Drawing Tab.
    • Click on each additional condition and measure them.

STEP THREE: Price the job

    • Click the Pricing icon from the toolbar and update all material prices.

STEP FOUR: Adjust Labor

    • Click on the Labor icon and adjust your Labor Production Rates.

STEP FIVE: Markup the job

    • Click on the Recap icon and adjust your Markups.

STEP SIX: Print reports

    • Select Reports then Standard reports from the menu and print any needed reports