Drywall Conditions

The EDGE Conditions for Interior Contractors


The EDGE estimating system is driven by special items that are called “Conditions.” Conditions are where you tell The EDGE what it is you are estimating. How you want to estimate it. And, in some cases you will tell The EDGE the size, type, length, width, weight, number, color, shape and designation of what The EDGE is to calculate for you.

The conditions below are geared to help drywall contractors using our commercial drywall takeoff software, to speed up estimating on multiple conditions within the same project.

The list below displays the current list of Drywall Estimating Conditions.

  • The DW Box Header Condition
  • The DW Ceiling Condition
  • The DW Count Condition
  • The DW Furring Condition
  • The DW Partition Condition
  • The DW Soffit Condition