Part Numbers

The Pricing Screen and Part Numbers



Part Numbers are one of the “optional” fields in The EDGE the user can create to improve their estimating capabilities and to match the way they estimated prior to having The EDGE. Therefore, before you can edit Part Numbers in the Pricing screen you must have turned on, set up and established the Part Number fields.

Pictured above is the Part Numbers screen of the Pricing screen. The field(s) that appear in Green are being imported from the estimate. They can not be changed, if you have to change one of these fields you have to go back into the job to do it. All the fields that appear within the yellow area can be edited in this screen. Just click in the field and start typing. If you make changes here be sure to save the changes back to the database or else they will be lost.

The Pricing screen allows you to edit, change or modify existing Part Numbers. To effect such a change all you have to do is take your mouse and click in the lower right corner of the Part Number field the Part Number database screen will open for your. Make your selection from the drop down. You have to repeat this procedure for each Part Number you wish to change.