Cloud Reports: How to access from The EDGE


A faster and more efficient way of accessing and working with reports.

  1. Make sure your scenarios for a bid are “Checked In.”
  2. You can access the Administration Portal by clicking the gear in the top right corner.
    Note: Cloud reporting can be accessed from anywhere with Internet access, and a person does not need to have a license checked out in The EDGE to access cloud reports.
  3. Multiple ways to access a bid in cloud reporting.
    1. Click on the Filters button.
      • Filter to the bid you want to see reports for.
      • Click on the bid name, which will lead you to the scenarios for the bid.
      • Click on the ellipsis, then “View Reports.”
      • Reports for that scenario, for that bid, will show You can click on any one of them to view the report.
      • You can click on the slider to turn reports green, meaning that you favorited those specific reports for quick access.
      • Back on the Scenarios page, you can click on the icon “Download Reports” to download any of your favorited reports.
        Note: You can download individual or all reports.
    2. Click on the Reports button.
      • Click “Choose Job” button.
      • Type in Bid name.
      • Select scenario you want to see reports for.
      • Click “OK.”