Acoustic Drawing Tools

This video covers the acoustic drawing tools in v12.


Today we’re going to cover the drawing tools that you have the ability to use with the acoustic area condition properties and some of the tools turned on inside of there.

Area Tool

For this example we’re going to draw in a very quick trapezoidal shape. Something that’s non congruent so we can see how some of the other tools work.

Rectangle Tool

With the rectangle tool we will draw in a very simple rectangle.

Deduct Tool

With your deduct tool you can go in and deduct specific styles and shapes. If we wanted to deduct the triangle we’ve drawn here, we do have that capability.

Deduct Rectangle

We have the capability to deduct a specific rectangular area.

Wall Molding Tool

Click on the tool, then click and drag to draw your molding. Finish by clicking enter on the keyboard or you can right click on the mouse and choose end shape.

Room Horizontal

With a shape selected, click the room horizontal tool.  When you get your crosshair, you’re going to draw across the shape, and specifically one side that you want the grid to be based on.

In this example, the grid is based on the top one. Let’s say that we want it to be based on the wall angle. If that was the case, we click room horizontal and now click across that line and you’ll notice that it re-laid out the grid line.

Ultimately, depending on your grid calculation, that mathematical approximate calculation and your condition properties will depend on what you’re calculating here material wise.

Sprinkler Heads

This is coming from the count tab, so if you were to turn on any of the count fields you’ll get these icons for you to go in and click where you might have sprinkler heads.

Speaker Cut Out

This is from that same count tab.

Seismic Wires

If you had extra seismic wires turned on, the miscellaneous seismic wires populate it, this would be your icon. Simply click on the icon and go drop those seismic wires wherever you may need them.

Large & Small Deducts

The large and small deducts are specifically coded to be a 2×2 deduct and a 2×4 deduct.

If you have any additional questions about the acoustic drawing tools, feel free to reach out to our tech team and they’d be happy to assist you in any way they can.