Acoustic Main Tee Data

The Acoustic Main Tee Data Dialog Box

Notice the purple bent arrow next to the Main Tee field. Clicking on this icon, will open an Acoustic Main Tee Data dialog. This dialog contains different values for a tees that must be completed in order to determine the cost of the grid you are using. Each field has a lookup database that feeds it, and can be accessed via the Lookup icon ( ). By including this feature, we allow you to add in new grid types as they are introduced by the manufacturers. However, because they may use the same product number, you may need to adjust the way the grid is represented in your database.

Length – manually enter the length of the main or cross Tee here.
Pcs/Carton – manually enter the number of piece per carton of grid material.

– If you make any changes to an existing type of tile or if you add a new type of tile click Save To Database and the setup information will be saved for you.