Add A New User (v12)

Download and Install the EDGE Software on the Local Machine

  1. Inside The EDGE Admin Portal, click the App Download button.

  1. The Edge Installer / Notes window appears. Click Download version and then click Run or Save. Install the setup file on the users’ computer.


Add a New User

  1. Inside The EDGE Admin Portal click Users.

  1. When the User Manager screen appears, click Add (Upper right-hand corner).

  1. When the Add User Information dialog box appears, type in the user information.
    • Password assignment or changes are done in this view.

  1. Click the Security tab and assign the user a “role” gives access to change and edit:
    • Client Admin – The EDGE Estimator software
    • Portal Admin – The EDGE Admin Portal
    • Customize – You can create your own Role e.g., you only want the “estimator” to be able to create a new estimate and edit.