Adding Templates

How To – Add New Template Items

Adding New Templates

This screen explains only how to add additional lines for an item already set up as a template item. In other words, if you have a template item and you have lines for one size, width, length, gauge but not for another size, width, length or gauge , this is where to do that. However, if you need to set up an existing item to be used as a template, see Setting up a Insert Template Item found in the Insert topic.

To add a new template item:
1.Move the cursor to where you want to insert the new template item.
2.Click Edit | Insert. The insert dialog box opens. Select the item type and placement. Click OK.
3.The template dialog box opens. The only fields you can put information are those that were previously set up item in the item database to receive their information “From Template”.
4.Fill in the desired information. When finished, press OK. Make sure the “Template Code” information is consistent with the “Match code” you see above it.

Example Match Code Template Code
Drywall Board ~BT~ ~BY~ 1/2″ FC or 5/8″ FC
Roofing Fasteners ~FL~ ~FY~ 3-1/2″ Olympic or 4″ Olympic

There is a space between ~FL~ and ~FY~ both in the match code and the template code.

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