Adding Term Bar automatically for master height using Truncate command


You want term bar runs to automatically be added to the wall flashing as the height increases.


Use the TRUNC command in the In Misc tab for the term bar.
Use 1 LF of term bar per 1
the Cqty looks like this: LF*TRUNC(~GMH~/4)

The above will add a term bar every 4′ of Master Height.

For Example, if you measure 100 LF of wall:
Master ht = 24″, the term bar = 0
Master Ht = 48″, the term bar = 100′
Master Ht = 60″, the term bar remains 100′
Master Ht = 96″, the term bar = 200′

This does not automatically add for the fasteners. If you need that, make the term bar fastener a misc item and use a similar command.