How To Use – Addons

Are items grouped together under one Addon title to handle special objectives. Addon’s are like miscellaneous items in that they cover needs not covered in all the other tabs. For example, General Items: Here is a group of items under one Addon title. General Items consist of a number of possible items that are not normal material and labor items. Yet they are items needed to round out the estimate. For example, Supervision, Per-diem, Travel, Hotels etc. The Edge is able to apply the value of total man days in the Job to these items. It can also apply values from the costing tab. Once the Addon groups are set the estimator should never need to touch the Addon Tab on a job to job basis.

In Versions 10.7.6 and later, you will now find that the shortcut keystrokes for copying (ctrl+c) and pasting (ctrl+v) are now operational in the Addon’s dialog.