Assigning Addition Item Fields (User 1 through User 4, aka Account Codes, Phase Codes, etc.)


How do I assign an account code to an item?


Before you assign an account code, you must have the option active, and have account codes in your database. (Hint – New account codes will not appear in existing jobs unless that job is refreshed)

Activating the Option
– Activate User 1 or 2 in Options|Preferences|Program Features
– Click the use Box and define the Code and Description, such as “Account Code” and “Account Code Description”

Adding (populating) the Account Code Database
– Click on the Estimating Breadcrumb and then double click on Account Codes
– Click the Add New icon
– Fill in the Code and Description, then click Save

Assigning Account Codes to items in a Job
– The final step is assigning the codes to items
– In a Bid, navigate to the Pricing or Labor Screen
– Click View Options and select Account Code Description
– Use the drop down to select the required Account Code or mark multiple linesand use the Adjust Multiple Lines tool
– If you want to save the assigned Account Codes to the database, use the Send to Database utility or run the Wizard

Assigning Account Codes directly in the Item Database
– In the Item Database, double click on the item or select it and click the Edit Icon
– Click on the Accounting tab and use the drop down or ellipse button to select the appropriate Account Code
– Click Save to finish