Bid Grid Overview (version 12)

The Bid Grid is a view that allows users to manage all your bids (estimates).

When you open The EDGE, the first screen you see is the Bid Grid. In the Bid Grid view, you can see all of your company’s bids.

Each column in the Bid Grid has the ability to sort and filter, and you can edit details to each of your bids. If the view button does not appear on your screen, your role in The EDGE may be restricted by your company’s portal administrator. Within the Bid Grid screen, you can choose to view all bids or a subset of bids. Click the grey drop-down menu on the right to select from the options of:

  • View all bids
  • View all open bids
  • View all my checked-out bids
  • View all my bids
  • View all my open bids
  • View my recent bids
  • View all checked out bids