The EDGE – C-Fields (1 thru 6)


Pictured above are the C-Fields from a Partition Condition (top) and a Single Ply Condition (bottom). C-Fields are found on the properties screen of all Edge Conditions. There are two parts to a C-Filed The name (C1 – C6) and the “value” assigned to that name. The above example was taken from a Roofing Database Condition. The designer decided to rename C4 as Warranty Term, C5 as Manufacturer and C6 as Minimum SQ’s. To name these fields the designer selected Tools | Company Options | Job | Condition Fields as seen below.

Here, you can easily see that the designer rename C4, C5 and C6 as noted above. The second part the “value” comes from a Lookup Database that each of the C-Fields have.

The Lookup Database is created by the estimator, it holds whatever information he chooses it to. In this case the designer intention was to create something that would allow him to automatically calculate Warranty information and costs, C5 Field was renamed as Manufacturer and holds the name of different manufacturers.

When the estimator is setting up this condition he selects the Warranty Length from the C4 Field. He selects the manufacturer from the C5 field and lastly he selects the minimum number of squares from the C6 column.