CAD Drawings

Electronic Blueprints / CAD Drawings


For the past several years the trend for architects has been to move away from paper blueprints and move more and more towards electronic blueprints that are either placed on the internet and opened via a blueprint service or by loading drawings into your computer from a CD.

The EDGE offers complete functionality when it comes to electronic blueprints. Instead of plotting points from a paper blueprint you can now digitize Auto CAD type drawings directly on your monitor’s screen. The image that appears on your screen overlays that of the CD. You will see the exact same images over the blueprint, but the colors and styles of the lines will be different, based on your Company Options selections. To do this, you must load the blueprint on the CD in the program using a special feature called the Background Image Manager.

The EDGE uses two specially designed features to help you see and manage your electronic plans. Those two features are:

Background Image Manager Background Image Viewer

If you are or planning to use electronic images when estimating you need to become very familiar with these two features.