Cannot validate Service Accounts


Installing The EDGE and getting the following message when the installer gets to SQL installation.

” SQL Server Setup could not validate the service accounts. Either the service accounts have not been provided for all the services being installed, or the specified username or password is incorrect. For each service, specify a valid username, password, and domain, or specify a built in system account. ”

****** This is a SQL Error that is typical w/ WINDOWS Operating systems that are set up using a foreign language. When researching it, it was typical to see “Sweedish or French” as the languages affected by this.

Also, typical of VISTA and Windows 7, but could be found on XP as well.



Fix for it is to manually install SQL Server. Do NOT use THE EDGE INSTALLER. Go into the SQL Folder, and run either the 32 or 64 bit installer depending on the system you’re installing to.