Contact Database

Customizing Columns | Contacts Database


To customize your database columns, select Edit | Customize Columns. Doing so will open a Customize list of headings that you have not included.

Company Name – A unique code that identifies every line in every database, the can be no duplicates
Contact Name – A Description of the line the cursor is on in the current screen.
Address 1, 2 – The address where the contact is located.
City – The city in which the contact is located.
State – The state is which the contact is located.
Zip Code – The postal zip code for the contact’s company.
Phone – A phone number for the contact.
Fax – A fax number for the contact.
Category – From the drop down menu select a category for the contact.
EMail – An email address for the contact.
U R L – A URL for the contact.
Add By – The name or initials of the individual adding the new lines to the database.
Date Added – Date new information was last edited.