How To Use Copy In The Edge


Copy is not a feature that is available in any of The EDGE databases, it is only used in the “”job”” screens (Scenario, Sections, Pages, Conditions, Items).

There are two “copy” icons in The EDGE, the one you see at the top of this screen is used everywhere except the Drawing screen. The other one called Replicate is used only in the Drawing screen. In fact when you open the Drawing screen the first copy icon goes away and is unavailable.

If you have not marked any lines, the copied selection will be inserted immediately after the original. However, if you have marked lines, the copies will be pasted in the order they were copied. As soon as you clicked on the Copy icon the Paste icon lit up and will remain lit up until you click on it or copy something else to the clipboard which will cause it to remain lit up.

To Paste a copied selection click the Paste icon pr press Ctrl+V.