Daily Roll Up and Production Queue


Today’s video will cover a higher level tech support question that reads as follows:
“Even though I just submitted all of my daily production, why am I not seeing all of the labor items that I tracked in my daily roll up report?”

  1. Upload your production
  2. Once upload is complete a pop-up will appear showing the user that the upload was successful, click Dismiss.
  3. Click Reports.
  4. Click on the “Daily Report.”
  5. The report appears, however there is no information inside.
  6. Click “Done” in the top left-hand corner.
  7. Click the “Daily Report” again
    Note: Nothing is appearing inside of the report.
  8. Open the Administration Portal (entering edge.admin.com)
  9. Sign in.
  10. Click EDGE On Site drop down.
  11. Click the Production Queue Manager.
    Note: When the Upload button is pressed the date is being sent through the cloud, so that all that data can be stored in the administration portal for review by office personnel
  12. Set our date to the current day.
  13. Give the screen a refresh.
  14. Once there are all green checkmarks in the successful column, go back to EDGE On Site application.
  15. Click on Daily Report.
    Note: If on a job site with low connectivity and a large upload to push for the day. Wait 10 to 20 minutes before generating the daily report to ensure that all of the correct data inside that report.