Delete Job

How To Use File | Delete Job

This function is used to permanently remove jobs from your job database and your computer. Only one job may be deleted at a time, this for your safety.

Obviously used to delete old or no longer needed jobs from your Edge Jobs Folder. If you delete a job from the Bid Grid, it is deleted from the Job Database as well.
However, if you should delete or move a job from the job database to another location the job name will still appear on the Bid Grid screen. If you attempt to open that job the following message appears. This is because the Edge is still looking in the old job database file location. The Edge does not know you have moved the job.

If you moved the job click OK and the Edge will help you reset the job path to the new location. If you deleted the job click the bottom radio button and then click OK. The old job title will be removed from the list of jobs.