Digitizer – Red X on Tabletworks

Quick Check SL-IV, SL-III and SL-II

1) Close The EDGE.
2) Right click TableWorks icon. Click Reset Tabletworks.
3) Open The EDGE, open drawing screen check for crosshairs.

Detailed Check SL-IV and SL-VI

1) Close The EDGE.
2) Turn the computer completely and disconnect digitizer board from the computer, reconnect cables.
3) Temporarily remove digitizer pen, mouse, keyboard and any other electrical or metal products from the digitizer board surface.
4) Power up computer and listen for digitizer beeps.
4) Open TabletWorks icon, make sure Enable, Mouse, WinTab and Tabcon boxes are checked or have an X where appropriate.
5) Check Specify A Cursor and set to Stylus.
6) Click Reset button (Top right) answer yes to prompts
7) Close TableWorks.
8) Start The EDGE
9) Open Job, Drawing screen, Check for crosshairs.
10) If still no crosshairs refer to GTCO.