Digitizer not working after virtually all other attempts to make it work failed. Digitizer tests well in TWC and all settings are correct. The EDGE finds the digitizer, but it doesn’t work in Drawing screen.

– Client running Windows 7 with Edge 10.7.3
– Client running The EDGE via “Run as Administrator”
– Recent re-installation of Tablet Works Control Panel (TWC)


Seem to have found that Running The EDGE as administrator, and TWC NOT as administrator causes an issue where The EDGE will see the board, but not actually allow it to work.
– Exit TWC from Start menu (Lower right corner )
– Close The EDGE.
– Start/All Programs and find Tablet Works Control Panel
– Right-Click TWC and choose “Run as Administrator”

This should be a temporary fix until such time as client reboots the PC.

A more permanent fix for this is to disable his UAC (User Access Control) from his control panel and User Account portion of Windows. This SHOULD BE DONE with permission of his IT Person if at all possible.
Find the actual TWC executable file in the file structure for Tablet Works, and Right-click it and set the Compatibility to “Run as Administrator”. Then, press “OK” .