Error #5 Restoring DB in 9.1 thru 10.02


Sometimes during the process of restoring a database in versions 9.2, 9.4 and 10 an error message referencing an OS System Error aka Error #5


1. Close The EDGE(this is optional, not required)
2. Go to your Windows Desktop and find the My Computer icon and Right click it.
3. Left click Manage from the menu
4. This will open a split screen window. On the right side of the window, you will see a few lines, Double click on Services and Applications
5. Next, a second screen opens, you will see more options appear. Double click on SERVICES
6. Maximize this screen. Go to the header line and make the name line as wide as possible by dragging the vertical separator bar to the right.
7. The files are in alphabetical order, scroll down until you find the file SQL Server (THEEDGE) or SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER), Right click the line and select Properties
8. A dialog box open, click on the Log On tab at the top of the box
9. Click the radio button that selects Local System Account
10. Click the check box below it that says Allow Service To Interact With Desktop
11. At the bottom of the box, click Apply then click OK, the box closes and you return to the split screen
12. In the upper left corner of the right split screen you will see 3 links in blue:
– Stop
– Pause
– Restart
– Make sure that the SQL Server (THE EDGE) or SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) is still highlighted, and then click the Restart link
13. After Restart is complete click Close and close the window. Restart The EDGE, click Database | Utilities | Restore Database From Backup File the database should now restore