How To Use Fasteners (Detail Screen)



If you need to draw screws or nails in your detail, you do not have to worry about drawing them. Use The EDGE Fasteners feature by clicking on the Fasteners iconYou can choose to insert screws or nails automatically, and select the color they appear in.
A dialog will open when you choose this option that will ask you to select either a screw or a nail, and the color it should appear as. Then you can click the start and end points of the fasteners to insert them into your detail.

The Fastener is drawn just like digitizing a line. Click at a staring point (this will always be the head) move the drawing instrument to the point of the screw or nail and touch down.

Depending on how far you are zoomed in on a detail a fastener can look entirely different. Shown below is a fastener the one on the left has been zoomed in 10% , while the same fastener on the right has been zoomed in to 45%

They are both correct, the only difference being the zoom level.