Fixing Bad Image Files in a job

When you have one or more corrupt drawing plans in a job, you normally get an error message when you open the drawing either in the background image manager or in the drawing screen.

There are 2 approaches. One works with within the existing job. One copies to a separate job. Here are the steps:

Fixing Within Existing job
Working within an existing job (Generally good when just fixing a few bad drawings. Messy if there are many bad drawings due to the job possibly crashing when saving.)
1. Make a backup of your existing job (for a safety net). Also do a print screen of the page list so you can check pricing after your work is complete. If Fireproofing, probably also good to print out t Fireproofing Totals Report, detailed to have a check of the BF for each page.
2. Open your job.
3. Starting at the top, go through the drawings in the background image manager, noting the ones that are bad (usually you will get an error message or something obvious will be wrong with the preview)
4. Import the drawings that are good into the image manager.
5. Rename the drawings so you know which ones are the good ones and the dwg number
6. Go to the 1st page of the job.
7. Go to the drawing screen. (you will get an error message due to the bad drawing. Click ok and continue)
8. Click Drawing (from menu) | Load Background image.
9. Select the good copy of the background image. This will replace the old one.
10. Do same to a few more images, then delete the old bad drawings.

Copying from bad job to good job.
1. Make sure you are in the same database as original job.
2. Create a new job and load the new drawings in. Rename them the same as the pages in your other job.
3. Click Edit | Create pages from background images, and create a page for each needed drawing.
4. Open the bad job (while keeping the new job open)
5. Go to the condition list of the 1st page. Mark and copy all conditions.
6. Go to the new job’s corresponding condition list. Paste the conditions in and check all the copy boxes.
7. Repeat for other pages and make sure markups, pricing, quantities are all copied properly.