Group Database Properties (v10)

Property Dialog Groups DB


To view the Properties of the Groups Database click Edit | Properties or click the properties () icon.

Group DB – Group Property

This is the Properties view from the Group Database screen. The fields seen here are standard for every group regardless of trade or Industry.

Group Code – a descriptor of a group that is unique to each group, no duplicates are allowed.
Description – a user defined description for the group. It should be descriptive enough that any estimator looking at this database would immediately know the group.
Scan – if checked adds this group to the Scan viewing list. Normally only labels appear in the Scan list.
Auto-Pop – automatically opens every group as they are inserted into an estimate. Not recommended for roofing contractors to check.

Group DB – Group Cond Property

The third and final screen in the Group database is the Group Items screen. This screen displays the items of labor, material and miscellaneous needed to complete quantifying this condition.

The Group Item List screen has property icons for both items and conditions.