Importing Template Jobs into v10.7.7

Importing Template Jobs into version 10.7.7

Before importing in your template jobs, make sure you know where they are currently stored. (Often they are in the My Documents folder. The file extension for templates in 10.7.7 is .ejt. In earlier versions, it will be typically be .EDGE10JobTemplate.) If you decide to move the files, do this before importing them. You may want to create a separate folder called Job Templates.

To begin the import, be on your standard job list with no jobs open.

Click the arrow to the right of “Jobs” at the top.

Change the “Show” to be Job Templates

Click File | Import from The Edge 8,9,10..

Near the bottom right of the window, the default is EDGE Jobs. Change this to EDGE Job Templates.

Navigate to one of the job template files. Click the File and Click Open.

The Job Properties Dialog opens.

Click OK. The job now appears in the Job Templates list.

Note: If you have mulitple template jobs, you can also use the File | Batch Import from EDGE 8,9, or 10 Jobs.. However, we recommend doing the first job separately to make sure you have everything set properly.