Item Differences

How to Use Item Differences


Occasionally, You might find that two items in the Pricing Screen may appear to be the same based on the information, but they are listed separately. To help you determine where the difference is, you can use the Item Differences function.

The two items below are identical both come from the same item but they do not want to consolidate into a single order unit?
Start by marking the items to compare. Then, select View | Item Differences from the menu bar. The program will then open a dialog to show you all the properties of the items that are different. A list will open that will display the Field, Item 1 Value, and Item 2 Value. This will help you to see exactly why an item that appears to be the same as another is listed separately.

The reason these two items will not consolidate is due to the fact they have two different User Codes. If that is sorted down to one User Code the lines will consolidate. This example show just one field but The EDGE checks all the fields of an item for mismatches and will print the same.

NOTE: If User Codes need to be changed, please search topic “User Code Pricing Screen”.