Job Backup on Citrix

Job backups on Citrix are located in the same Folder that you create your job in, under your EDGE Log in name.

i.e. Jobs normally created on G:\Edge Jobs and you log in as username “XYZ”.

you will have a file folder at this address: G:\EDGE Jobs\XYZ\Backup

NOTE: Each time a job is created in a new location, a new folder with the user’s name will also be created. This means for a Citrix computer, the Temp and Backup folders are separate sub-folders inside a folder with the user’s name. This also means that if the same user opens jobs from different original folders, each of those folders will have a folder with the user’s name on it with a backup and temp folder inside. Therefore, finding the correct backup or temp file requires going to the folder the job was last opened in and looking for a folder with the user’s name on it within that job folder.