Job/Database Comparison Report

Job/Database Comparison Report


You can compare information in a job against the information in the database to determine ways the job differs from your standard practice. This can be useful in red-flagging any policies or procedures that may need to be reviewed for future jobs.

If you have more than one scenario in the job, The EDGE will open a Select Job Scenario dialog. Here, you will pick which one of the Scenarios you want to run the Job/Database Comparison on.

The next dialog screen to open is the Job/Database Comparison Report dialog. Here, you will select which fields, Tax Classes, Subdivisions and U/C Markups to run the comparison against. For this example, we selected everything to give you a better picture.

This is all or nothing, you can’t select half a material database to compare.

Below are examples by Labor rates, Subdivisions and finally Tax Classes as to what a Job/Database Comparison Report might look like.

Labor Type Differences

Subdivision Differences

User Code Differences

Recap Differences

Item Differences