Job Lock

Every time a job is opened in The EDGE a job lock file is automatically created. The purpose of this file is to prevent more than one user from accessing the same job at the same time. When the job is closed properly The EDGE automatically deletes the job lock file.

If for any reason the job does not close properly (computer crash, power surge, unknown event, etc.) the job lock file remains and you will get a message indicating the job has been locked when opening it.

Additional Notes on The EDGE Job Lock

The EDGE Job Lock file is a safety precaution to prevent other users from opening a job that you already have open.  The file is automatically created when a job is opened, and deleted when the job is closed.  However, if the job is prematurely closed (power surge, computer glitch, etc.), the file remains.  If this happens rarely and no one else has the job open, the user can delete the “.EDGE10JOBLOCK“ file, and normally re-open the  original file.

To find and delete the job lock file:

  1. Make sure the job is not open, either by you or by someone else.
  2. Click on the Open button. Erase any text in the File Name field and type *.*
  3. Then press your Enter key. This will display the original job file and the same file with an extension of .EDGE10JOBLOCK.  This file can then be deleted by right clicking it and clicking Delete. (Note: DO NOT delete the original file).
  4. After the lock file has been deleted, click on the original job file and click Open.

If this happens more often, please notify Advanced Estimating System to investigate what may be causing the problem.  If, in the rare occasion, the job still cannot be opened, you should call us immediately, as there are other ways we can often resurrect it.

Here are some other things you can do to prevent jobs from being locked:

  • Make sure the job is not already opened on your computer when attempting to open it.
  • Set your computer’s power settings to ‘never’. (Sometimes, the hard drive goes to sleep and the job cannot properly auto-save)
  • When leaving for a half hour or more, close the job.  (This way, if there is a power glitch, network issue, etc., it should not affect the job)
  • On large jobs, (typically with many e-plans), after you close the job, wait about 30 seconds before turning off your computer or jumping into another job file. (Sometimes, it appears the job has closed, but it is still closing behind the scenes).  (An alternative to waiting the 30 seconds, is make sure to tool bar only shows the NEW and OPEN icons and no others.)