Job Properties

Bid Grid Screen Job Properties


The Job Properties dialog window of The EDGE is similar to the title block for a set of blueprints, it holds general information regarding the current job only. It is also the same dialog you fill out when creating a new estimate, only the only required field is the Job Name field all of the other fields and tabs are optional.

To open this dialog, select File | Job Properties.

General Tab

Bid Number – This field allows you to assign a Bid number to a job.
Job Name – The only required field, an estimate must have a name for The EDGE to track it.
Locale – A database that assigns costs by physical location.
Description – A brier description of the work being bid.
Address 1 or 2 – The job site address, City, State and Zip Code.
Estimator – The name of the estimator performing the bid, comes from the estimator database.
Drawing # – This is the architects drawing number.
Bid Date – The date the bid is due.
Plan Date – The date the plans were released for bid .
Rev Date – Last revision date found on the plans.
Start Date – The date bid was started or the date the work was started.
Finish Date – The date the bid was complete or the work was finished.

User Fields

User 1 to 8

These fields connect to the Lookup Database via the ellipsis button at the end of each line. All of the 8 User lines are identical. In earlier versions of The EDGE these lines were user defined meaning that a user could enter any information he/she wanted to pertaining to the estimate at hand. Starting with Version 8 the fields were tied to the Lookup database. They are mainly used now as a reminder or say a ‘pick list’ of things to remember to include in your estimate, They are NOT required or needed to perform an estimate.

Owner, GC, Architect and Builder Fields

The information displayed under these Tabs all come from a Contact Database there is one for each tab and as you can see they all have the same fields. When you select for example the job architect all the information regarding the architect comes in from the Contact Database. If you find you have to make changes click the icon found at the end of the Name field this will take you to the correct database make your edits, adds or deletes, save the changes.