Labor Screen

Customize Columns | Labor Analysis Screen

Indicates a line or lines have been marked.
Errors are present on the current screen, look at the Troubleshooter bar for hints as to the problem.
# – The # sign tells you how many lines are on a given screen.
Percent of change in the Production Multiplier.

AU – Alternate units that may be required to complete a job.
AU/CDay – Alternate units based on crewdays.
AU/Hr – Alternate units based on hours.
AU/MDay – Alternate units based on Mandays.
Cost/AU – Allows you to calculate the cost that each item contributes to the job based on another qualifier.
Cost/EU – The cost per estimated unit.
Cost/Hr – The basic labor rate per hour, day based on a specific labor type.
Cost/MDay – The basic labor cost based on a Manday.
Crewdays – The total labor based on Crewdays for the estimate.
CSize – The number of workers that make up a given crew.
Description – A Description of the line the cursor is on in the current screen.
Est Qty – The estimated quantity to complete the work.
EU – How the item is estimated (SF, LF, EA).
EU/CDay – The estimated units a crew is supposed to complete in a given crewday.
Eu/Hr – How many units you expect to be completed per hour.
EU/MDay – The estimated units to be completed in a given Manday.
EU/Min – The estimated units that can be completed in a minute.
Extra Hours – The extra hours calculated when using smart labor.
Hours – The total labor based on Manhours for the estimate.
Hrs/EU – The number of hours it will take to complete one unit
Min/EU – The number of minutes it will take to complete one unit.
Net Cost – The total cost of the job without any markups, overhead, taxes, profit, burden, etc.
Prod Mult – A difficulty factor calculated and applied by The EDGE.
Prod Rate – This is the amount of work you can get done for a material item in a given amount of time.