Modifying Reports


How do I make a different report than what is available?


It’s always easier to find a similar report and copy it. Find one of the existing reports that is closest to what you need.
As an example, I’ll copy the, “Labor Adjustments Time” report and remove the dollars.

  • Click the Copy and Insert button to the right of the report name. Change the title. I’ll call it, “Labor Field Report.”. Click Save.
  • Now click on the new title, check the Cost types needed, and click Design Report. This shows the report in its current format.
  • Click the “Design” button near the upper right of the screen.
  • The report design format appears. Click on a column header to remove (see 1 below), and then uncheck the field on the left (see 2 below).
  • Repeat for any other fields to remove. (I also removed Unit Price and Price Unit).
  • Click “apply changes” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click “save” at the upper right, then Save again on the report name window.
  • When you play the new report, it looks like this.

There are more report controls. This is just an introduction to what you can do.

Written by: Joe Pettit