How To Use Move In The EDGE


There are two ways to move lines within The EDGE. The first, is to move a line or group in a database and the second, is to move a line in one of the job estimating screens.

There is no limit to the number of lines allowed in a database. Manufacturers and engineers are constantly creating new systems and assemblies. As time goes by, you will want to add additional lines to your database. If you add something to a database while estimating a project The EDGE has no idea where you want to place the added lines., therefore it will always place the new lines at the end or bottom of the database. While it is perfectly OK to leave the new lines at this location chances are that you will want to organize the new material with existing and this leads us to the use of Move.

To Use Move in A Database

1.Mark the line you want to move, by clicking in column one and placing a Markarrow next to the line or lines.
2.Move your cursor to where you want to insert the moved line(s).
The moved line(s) will be inserted below the line the cursor is highlighting.

3.Click Edit | Move. It is that simple the line(s) is/are moved to the new location.

To Use Move In An Estimate

The following operation works in the Scenarios Screen, the Sections Screen, the Page List Screen, the Conditions List screen and the Items List screen. You may want to move “Off” lines to the bottom of a screen and keep the “On” at the top of the screen.

1.Mark the line you want to move, by clicking in column one and placing a Mark next to the line.
2.Only mark 1 line at a time, if you mark multiple lines only the last marked line will move.
3.Hold down the Ctrl Key and press either the UP ( Ý ) or Down (Þ ) arrows.
4.Every time you press the arrow key the marked line will move up or down one line at a time.