How To Use Notes


For every job you bid, there are numerous times you wish you had the ability to create notes or questions for the architect or related to the Scope of Work. There are several places within The EDGE estimate for you to compose notes. These notes are set up in a word processor, so you can make them as simple or detailed as necessary, depending on the end use. There are currently seven different locations with The EDGE where you can place a note. These locations do not overlap, or to put it another way Job Notes cannot be viewed from the Page screen and Page Notes cannot be viewed in the Proposal Notes screen.

While each of the word processor screens are identical the notes created in each one are independent of the other.
Job Notes: Notes written here will pertain to the overall job.
Proposal Notes: Notes written in this screen should deal with the Proposal and/or Scope of Work you are estimating.
Scenario Notes: Notes written here will either pertain to the Base Bid or any Alternate Bids you may create
Section Notes: Notes written here pertain to the Section screen only of the bid
Page Notes: Notes written here pertain to the Page you are working in or on.
Condition List: Each condition has its own Notes screen, this means that notes for one condition do not appear on another condition’s notes screen.
Group Notes: Notes written here pertain to a specific Group, notes used here are generally instructional type notes. For example how a group was set up or how to use a group.

To create Notes or Proposals access the word processor by:

1.Click Edit | Notes.

2.This opens the Notes drop-down menu, some lines may be grayed out (inaccessible) depending upon which screen you are accessing the Notes menu from. Click in the box to the left of the type of note you want to create.
3.The Note Word Processor screen opens. Here you will create your Notes.