Open Job Database

How To Use File | Open Job Database


Remember when you are in the Bid Grid screen two databases are being displayed at the same time. The database shown at the top center of the screen is the Job database and the one at the bottom right of the screen is the estimating database. In this topic we are referring to the former rather than the latter.
Open A Job Database

In order to estimate work you must have a Bid Grid screen open, to open the job database screen do the following.

Click Database | Open Job Database. This will open the open the Local or Remote Database dialog box for you as see below. The Edge needs to know where to look for the database you want to open it is either:
… located on a server computer or other shared computer, where other people may also connect to it. Or.
It is located on my own computer, where I am the only one who may access it.
Pick one or the other and the click on the database you wish to open. If successful the database name will appear top center of the Bid Grid screen.