Pricing Report

The Pricing Screen – Pricing Report

Pricing Report:

By selecting Reports | Pricing Reports, or clicking on the Reports icon you will open a printable Prices Request form. This report will contain all the information you need from the Pricing screen to order the items for this job, except for the unit price. You can print this out and fax it to your suppliers and have them fill in their prices. Then when they all come back, you can compare costs and use the supplier who gives you the best deal.

To start the Pricing Report, click the Report icon. A “Text To Print On Report” dialog opens. Here you can print the name of the vendor or supplier. When you have finished click OK. You also have the choice of selecting (marking) only those vendors or suppliers you want instead of printing everything on the report screen.

A report preview appears. Initially it may be very small, just use the zoom feature to move in for a clearer picture. When you’re ready to print click the printer icon. The report is sent to the printer.