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Use Auto Feed in Condition Properties – You can choose to Use auto-feed in condition properties. If you choose this auto-feed option, when you change one item’s properties, all occurrences of that property will change. For example, within a wall, you have studs and tracks. Both studs and tracks have gauge indicators. If both items are 25 gauge, and you change the stud gauge to 20, the track gauge will change to 20 as well.

Jobs Are Bondable By Default – Tells the program to assume that all estimates will required bonding unless turned off during setup or at the Recap screen.
Auto Assign Drawing Color Before Style – Auto-assign drawing color before style tells the program to cycle through all colors when drawing lines, then cycle through line styles when all of the colors have been exhausted.
Bottom End Costing Code – Clients that estimate in more than one division will have a Recap screen for each division. The Bottom End Screen bring all the division together for one total. The Bottom End costing code will create the historical value of total dollars per SF, LF, CY, SY, SQS, etc.
Crew Size Method – User has two choices crew size method can be based on User Code or Items. If User Code when you change one Labor all Labor assigned to that User Code change as well. If by Item, you can change one line without effecting another line.
Default Misc Tax Class – Every line item, Miscellaneous lines as well have be assigned a Tax Class, you can choose Material, Labor or Material and Labor.
Decimal Places – The EDGE will accept from 0 to 3 decimal places for each of the fields displayed here.