Purchase Requests


Purchase requests, what it is, and all the features and functionalities associated with a purchase request.

First, I’d like to make a distinction between a purchase request and purchase order. A purchase order usually has to do with getting the first drop of material out on the job site. Often times it’s actually placing the order. Usually, a purchase order will store data, ex. material that has been ordered, and how much is left to be ordered. A purchase request is a slightly different document. Examples of using a purchase request are phase one of a job is finishing up, and phase two is approaching. Or you come across a miscellaneous part of the job and realize some extra materials are needed. EDGE On Site gives you the ability to create a document that is user and time-stamped. Giving you a way to reference, and we’ll list all the materials that you had to order for that time.

  1. Tap on Materials
  2. A list of all the materials on this project will appear.
  3. To indicate a purchase request, tap on the clipboard icon in the top right.
  4. Tap Continue.
  5. Tap on the items you would like to add to your purchase request. These items are coming directly from The EDGE.


Note: If the item you are trying to add to the purchase request is not on the list:

      • Tap on the +.
      • A pop-up will appear, requesting Description, Order Unit, and Price for the new material.
      • Once all the information is filled out, tap create.


Note: If there is an item on the list and you would like to just change the description then:

      • Tap the items description on the list.
      • A pop-up will appear to allow the user to update the description.
      • Once the description is correct, tap Update.
  1. Once some items are added to your purchase request, you will see the description of the material, the price, the order unit, and units to order.
  2. Enter in how many units to order.
    Note: A lot of this information is coming from The EDGE. The material description has been set up in The EDGE. Your price is taken by the net costs of the material divided by the order quantity to get this price. The order unit is coming over from The EDGE. The units to order will be manually entered, and we will multiply units ordered by price to give you a total, and each line item will sum together to create this total.
  3. Once all the items are added and units to order are inputted, tap generate.

    Note: If there is not a Units to Order and price for every item the user will receive a pop-up.

    Note: If the user did not want to generate this purchase request, the user can press the undo icon in the top right to clear the page.
  4. A screen will appear that is a preview of the PDF document that we created. The name of the project and the date stamp is on the documentation. Along with all of the material, order quantity, order unit, and price per unit. As well as, the total on the bottom. Notice the materials are grouped in order from the highest cost to the least cost.
  5. Tap Submit.
    Note: Once the purchase request has been submitted the documentation will be stored in Files Manager giving you the ability to reference.
  6. Tap Continue.
  7. An email will pop open to send to internal personnel.
  8. Tap on Files.
  9. The Purchase Request is stored here with a unique number, date stamp, and username.

The difference between a purchase order and a purchase request is a purchase order would place the order for you. A purchase request is just a document that you send out to someone in your company internally, who might actually be placing this order. Purchase requests are a substitute for a phone call, an email, or a text, and becomes a document that’s stored and able to be referenced anytime. It’s more official and better documentation.