Quantities, Drawing

Drawing Screen Quantities


The are two fields on the Drawing screen that display quantities. The first is the Current Quantities field it continually displays the length of the last line you drew, the last area measured or the number of items last counted up. The second field is the Total Quantities field it keeps a running total of the accumulated LF, SF and EA for the current condition.

An example is shown below:

First, we drew a line 25′-0″ long and labeled it. You can see that the Current Quantities and Total Quantities field display that amount.

Next, we drew a 50′-0″ line, the Current Quantities field displays 50′ while the Total Quantities field displays 75′ (50 + 25).

Finally, we drew a 100′-0″ line. Current Quantities displays 100′ and Total Quantities displays 175′ (50 + 25 + 100).