Read Only Attribute

If you receive any of the following messages when attempting to open or close a job, check the file attributes for the backup and or temp files associated with that job and make sure read-only is not checked. If it is, go to the properties of c:\EDGE Jobs and uncheck the Read-only check box, Select Apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files, then verify that the backup and or temp files or no longer set to read only.

The job could not be saved. The EDGE will now close. See the job’s log file for more details. File Access denied.

Error code: 117 File opening error: C:\EDGE Jobs\Backup\********.EDGE10Job
Error code: 152 System Error: Access id denied.

Error code: 104 Database connection error: C:\EDGE Jobs\Backup\********.EDGE10Job

Unable to save the working job back to the original file name. It’s possible your network is down or some other file operation failed. You can find the job at C:\EDGE Jobs\Backup\********EDGE10Job

Connection must be opened

File access denied