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A place for you to set up your bond rates and to have those rates included in any bids. Rates may be set by a dollar limit or by a percentage.

Bond Rates-Limit – Enter in this field the dollar amount per thousand dollars. If there is no limit enter a string of 9’s in the Limit column.
Bond Rates-Percent – If you figure your bond as a percent enter that percent in this column. As a percent is entered notice that $/1000 is automatically calculated and filled in.
Bond Rate-Per Thousand – If you figure your bond as $/1000, enter a value in this column.
Contract Tax-Label – Enter in this field a label for Contract Tax. Many client do not have a Contract Tax. IN lieu of Contract Tax some estimators use this field for: Pricing Permit, Liability Coverage, etc.
Contract Tax-Amount – Enter in this field a percentage for the Contract Tax. Enter as a whole number 10%=10, 3.3% is entered as 3.3 and so forth.
Show Net Cost On Recap Screen – If checked will display the estimate net cost as well as total job costs. Uncheck in User | Options if not wanted.